Bitumen Roof Sealant is bitumen based sealant for general roofing application. Sealant has a very good adhesion to most common building surfaces. Creates stable, durable and water resistant, tight joints.


  • Slump resistance
  • Permanently plastic
  • Does not damage polystyrene
  • Good adhesion to concrete, steel, raw wood, stone, brick
  • Very good resistance to UV and weather conditions
  • Resistant to scaling and shrinkage cracks
  • Unaffected by high and low temperatures
  • Meets standard of PN- EN 8339 norm


  • Sealing and repairing damage bitumen surfaces
  • Filling joints, cracks and rents in roofing bitumen coverings
  • Sealing flashings, chimneys and gutters
  • Emergency repairs to prevent water leakage
  • Joining metal sheets and combining with other structural elements

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