Tytan Profesisonal THERMOSPRAY Thermo Acoustic PU Insulation Straw Foam

Thermospray is a polyurethane-based one component ready to use insulation foam. The product has strong bonding strength and is applied together with the special TY-JET spray nozzle.


  • Superior thermo acoustic insulation
  • Strong adhesion to various surfaces
  • Working speed up to 10 m2 in 1 hour
  • Prevention of heat bridge formation due to homogeneous structure
  • No need to fix with mechanical binder after application


  • exterior walls
  • interior walls
  • roofing
  • pipes and ducts
  • containers
  • all irregular surfaces

Technical Parameters

Yield 3 cm thick up to 2 m²
Can temperature +15°C to +30°C
Temperature resistance after curing -65°C to +115°C
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ) 0,036 W/m*K
Acoustic insulation 62 db
Full curing time 24 h
Cutting time 30 min
Fire class B3/F (DIN 4102)
Shelf life 12 months
Packaging Content Pieces for box Pieces for pallet
Can 870 ml 12 840

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